New Plug-In Hybrid Volvo Vehicles for Sale & Lease in Troy, MI

New Plug-In Hybrid Volvo Models for Sale

You can enjoy upscale Swedish luxury, athletic performance, and impressive fuel efficiency when you choose our new plug-in hybrid models. We carry a wide variety of new plug-in hybrid models in various body styles and options to help you discover the right match for your driving needs. When you choose our new plug-in hybrid models, you can discover savings with our expert finance team and federal and state incentives.  

Choose Volvo for a More Sustainable Future

There's no other automotive brand quite like Volvo Cars when it comes to a commitment to reducing emissions. Volvo Cars plans to reduce its total operational carbon emissions by 25 percent per car by 2025 compared to 2018. The end goal for Volvo Cars is to achieve climate neutrality across the entire supply chain by 2040, which is in accord with the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Explore Our Top Plug-In Hybrid Models

When you choose a new Volvo plug-in hybrid vehicle, you can enjoy the efficiency of electric driving combined with the power and convenience of a traditional internal combustion engine. You can use electric power to coast or for short drives around town, and the gas-powered engine comes in handy if you're battery is running low. Volvo's plug-in hybrid system can work together to maximize efficiency or athletic prowess, depending on your choice.

When you look through our new plug-in hybrid inventory, you will find five models to consider. Whether you're interested in a sleek sports sedan or a family-oriented three-row SUV, there's something for everyone in our new plug-in hybrid inventory.

The five models available include:

  • XC90 Recharge: The XC90 Recharge is the largest SUV in the lineup and offers ample room for passengers with three rows of seating. The XC90 Recharge offers up to 35 miles of all-electric driving in Pure Mode and up to 455 horsepower combined when it comes to PHEV performance.
  • XC60 Recharge: This compact luxury SUV strikes the right balance for many drivers who are looking for maneuverability and versatility. You can expect an adaptable cargo space while also easily fitting into tight parking spaces. The XC60 Recharge also provides 35 miles of all-electric driving range and 455 horsepower combined, and you can expect a highly intuitive infotainment experience with Google built-in.
  • S90 Recharge: As a midsize sedan, first- and second-row passengers can enjoy a first-class experience with comfortable seating, high-end materials, and sophisticated amenities. The S90 Recharge achieves up to 38 miles of all-electric driving range and 455 horsepower combined. The S90 Recharge can prevent up to 95 percent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles from entering the cabin with the advanced cabin air cleaner.
  • S60 Recharge: The new S60 Recharge is the smallest and most agile model in Volvo's plug-in hybrid lineup. The new S60 Recharge can maneuver in tight streets and navigate traffic confidently as a compact luxury sedan. You can expect an impressive all-electric driving range of 41 miles and 455 horsepower of combined power.
  • V60 Recharge: If you're interested in a vehicle that offers the ride comfort of a sedan with similar versatility to a small SUV, then the new v60 Recharge could be right for you. The v60 Recharge is similar to the S60 Recharge, only with additional cargo space. The V60 Recharge provides 41 miles of all-electric driving and 455 horsepower. 

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The best way to see if one of our new plug-in hybrid models is right for you is by seeing what it's like in the driver's seat. Contact our sales team today to schedule a test drive.