2020 Volvo V90 Cross Country Combines Capability, Utility, and Signature Scandinavian Luxury

Volvo has long held a premium position in the pecking order of luxury wagons. Over the decades, drivers around Royal Oak and Southfield have come to trust the brand for compelling wagon design with excellent safety, practicality, and comfort. Now, Volvo continues to lead the way in luxury wagon design with a slew of new models, including its flagship wagon: the 2020 Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Interior and Exterior Design

Similar in size and performance to the normal V90, the Cross Country variant offers a greater emphasis on versatile capability and adventurous aesthetics. That's evident in its very design. Inside and out, the V90 Cross Country offers a balancing act between high-end comfort and pragmatic utility.

On the outside, the V90 Cross Country has similar proportions to any other wagon model. Its long roof and wide stance conjure classic Volvo styling cues. However, a few key elements separate it from the rest of the pack. To start with, the V90 Cross Country has a higher ride height than a typical wagon. That's intended to help with the model's versatile performance aspirations. Volvo has also fitted the model with exclusive wheels, grey body trim pieces, and front and rear skid plates.

Inside the cabin, you'll find a mix of premium materials, ergonomic design elements, and a practical configuration. Optional materials like Black Walnut, Nappa Leather, and aluminum are fitted with exceptional craftsmanship. Plus, a total of 53.9 cubic feet of cargo space.

Performance and Features

Performance and usability are top priorities for Volvo designers, and it shines through with the 2020 V90 Cross Country. The versatile wagon offers both confident performance and a wealth of helpful technologies, all aimed at providing a superior experience in the driver's seat.

Admirable on-road performance is part of the package in the new V90 Cross Country. Independent suspension and a standard turbocharged 2.0-liter engine make sure of that. With 250 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque on tap at all times, you'll never be lacking the grunt that you need. But tarmac performance is only part of the picture -- Volvo has also uniquely equipped the V90 Cross Country to handle more rugged scenarios as well. Its high ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive system are ready to rival many of the industry's most popular SUVs when the going gets tough. There's even a selectable Off-Road driving mode that tailors performance to match all-terrain challenges near Warrant or Sterling Heights.

Technology accentuates the driving experience as well. Driver Assist features like Run-Off Road Mitigation, City Safety, Pilot Assist, and others can help keep you safe and aware of your surroundings. To add extra convenience, the V90 Cross Country has a center touchscreen unit that helps you operate a range of applications.

You can experience the advantages of the 2020 Volvo V90 Cross Country for yourself here at Suburban Volvo Cars near Troy and Detroit, MI. You'll see that this is more than just a luxury wagon -- it's a capable vehicle that's ready to handle life's myriad adventures.

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Volvo V90 Cross Country Comparison

Although there was once a time where Volvo ruled the roost when it came to luxury wagons, German automakers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz have stepped up their game. Pair that with fewer estates on the market than crossovers, and choosing a larger utility may seem like a better choice. Not so fast. The V90 Cross Country rides higher than other premium estates, while also offering the versatility and road command you get in a larger model. When paired against its competitors, it pulls ahead when it comes to features, safety, luxury treatments, and overall value.

  • Excellent Engine Choices. The V90 Cross Country can be had with your choice of two engines, both coming standard with all-wheel drive. New this year is a T5 model, with 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, and 23 mpg city, 31 mpg highway. T6 models are rated for 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, and return 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway. Available drive modes allow you to customize how that power is delivered.
  • Crossover Utility, Sedan Comforts. With 8.3 inches of ground clearance, integrated roof rails, and 53.4 cu-ft of maximum cargo volume with the rear seats folded, the V90 Cross Country boasts comparable utility to many compact crossovers. But in spite of its rugged abilities, this wagon retains a ride more similar to a sedan than an SUV.
  • State-of-the-Art Safety and Convenience.
  • Volvo continues to build its emphasis on safety in the V90 Cross Country by making the most pertinent systems standard. Among these is Pilot Assist, Collision Mitigation Support, Park Assist Rear, Blind Spot Information with Cross Traffic Alert, and more. Every model also gets Sensus Connect infotainment.

Volvo V90 vs. Audi Allroad

Take advantage of the advanced technology on our website to make your shopping experience faster and easier. For e

  • Engine Choices. Although the 252 horsepower of the Allroad makes it no slouch, that’s the only engine available to you. Not only is the new T5 AWD with 250 horsepower comparable, but the T6 engine’s 316 horsepower blows it away. T5 models also manage 1 mpg better on the highway. You’ll find selectable driving modes on both, but reviewers have found the off-road setting on the V90 Cross Country is truer to its name.
  • Safety You Don’t Have to Pay For. You’ll find a basic safety package on the Allroad, but it isn’t until the highest trim level that the equipment matches the V90 Cross Country. By that point, the price chasm is so wide, it may not be worth it. Pilot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, a Blind-Spot Information System, LED headlights, park assist, and road sign information are standard on the Volvo, where they’re sequestered to costly upper trims on the Audi.
  • Better Versatility. The Allroad might beat out the V90 Cross Country by a few cubic feet in maximum cargo capacity—58.5 cu-ft in the Audi vs. 54 cu-ft in the Volvo—but when it comes to off-road versatility, victory certainly is Swede. The V90 Cross Country’s 8.3 inches of ground clearance versus the Allroad’s 6.5 will make a noticeable difference in deep snow.

At first blush, both the V90 Cross Country and Allroad seem evenly matched. But under closer scrutiny, their differences become more apparent. While both come with all-wheel drive and selectable driving modes, the V90 Cross Country’s superior ride height make it a better all-weather companion. On a more subjective level, while both wagons offer exemplary interiors, the Volvo offers a warmer appearance, and the option of a panoramic sunroof. And when it comes to value for safety features, favor shines in the V90 Cross Country’s corner.xample, you can save cars of interest and receive alerts when new offers become available, the price changes or the vehicle sells — simply by providing an email address! Better yet, you can pick up where you left off at home, at work or on your mobile phone by creating your account.

Volvo V90 vs. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

  • Starting Price. Badge appeal is one reason customers shop for luxury vehicles, but the chasm between the V90 Cross Country and E-Class Wagons is wide. The starting price for the Volvo with the T5 powertrain and AWD is $52,300 MSRP, while the Mercedes-Benz estate starts at over $10,000 more.
  • Safety Standards. If safety is a high priority, the E-Class Wagon delivers some impressive driver assistance and semi-autonomous functions. The problem is, they cause the price to skyrocket, and some might find they’re not as intuitive as Volvo’s systems. The V90 Cross Country, however, makes many of the most demanded features standard, such as Pilot Assist, a Blind-Spot Information System, Collision Mitigation Support, and more.
  • Different Missions. Comfort is the E-Class Wagon’s mission, and it performs its duties admirably. But where both the V90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz estate can be had with comfort suspension options, you might not want to venture far off road in the E-Class. The difference in ride height, and suspension on the V90 Cross Country make it a better option if blazing trails is a necessity.

Although ultimately different in how they approach the traditional wagon, the V90 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon are another even-seeming match. Standard all-wheel drive, powerful engines, and an arsenal of safety, convenience, and driver assistance technologies are offered on both. But where mission is one area these wagons diverge, value is another. Not only do you pay more for features in the E-Class that are standard in the V90 Cross Country, but many of Volvo’s systems get the job done better and are easier to use.