Demo Vehicle Specials

Save $6,500 on these low mileage demonstrator vehicles from Suburban Volvo Cars.

Demo Vehicle Specials at Suburban Volvo Cars

Suburban Volvo Cars is constantly looking for new ways to help shoppers find great prices for their favorite Volvo models. One of the best ways we can do this is through demo vehicle specials.

Demo specials offer impressive discounts on recent models. Most of these cars are available for thousands of dollars below MSRP. So, how is this possible?

We offer demo vehicles as a convenience to visiting shoppers. If a customer wants to try out a new Volvo model, we have vehicles that they can take out and drive for themselves. This can help any shopper make a more informed decision about which Volvo is the best for them.

A side-effect of this service is that demo vehicles accrue light mileage. We take these lightly driven vehicles and offer them at considerable discount pricing. Each vehicle is within a model year old and has exceptionally low mileage. They're practically new cars, but they're available at a lower price.

Plus, our Volvo service center has meticulously maintained every demo vehicle at our dealership. That means each one has received oil changes, tire rotations, and other important services at the proper intervals.

You can view our demo specials right here on our website. Each listing displays information about pricing, features, discount amount, photos, and much more. You can even complete the majority of your shopping process by structuring your financing ahead of time right from your personal computer or smartphone.

If getting behind the wheel of one of our demo vehicles is a priority, simply select the Schedule Test Drive option. This allows you to send our staff a message with your contact information, preferred test drive vehicle, and a date at your convenience. We'll schedule your appointment and follow up for confirmation.

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