Need to schedule service for your Volvo? Suburban Volvo Cars makes it easy with online scheduling. Follow these brief steps to plan your next visit to our service center.

  • Provide Vehicle Details: Before anything else, we need your vehicle information. Everything from make and model to mileage and condition can affect how our technicians service your vehicle. The more specific you are, the better prepared our team will be.
  • List Contact Information: We'll need to be able to contact you during the appointment to discuss updates. That means we'll need your phone number and email. You can also save this information to make scheduling easier later.
  • Choose Services: Select the specific service or service bundle that your vehicle needs. You can view recommended services by mileage to help make your decision as well. If you're not sure what's wrong, you can leave a note describing the issue, and we'll provide a diagnosis during the appointment.
  • Pick a Time and Date: You can view a month-by-month calendar to see available time slots and choose the appointment that works best for your schedule. That means you can schedule out service far ahead of time for extra convenience.
  • Submit and Confirm: Once you've finished filling out the information, submit your request. We'll follow up quickly to confirm the appointment.

Be sure to reach out to our staff if you need assistance with scheduling your service appointment. We're happy to walk you through the online tool or simply schedule a visit over the phone.

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