Changing Your Car's Tires Can Drastically Improve Performance

While some systems like engines and suspension get a lot of attention in terms of vehicle performance and maintenance, there's one part of maintenance that can have a major impact on your experience: changing tires.

Drivers have all sorts of reasons for changing their tires. From natural wear and tear to varying driving applications, you may have a reason to change tires for yourself.

One of the most common reasons for changing tires is simple wear and tear. Whether you pick expensive tires that are rated to last 70,000 miles or you have a cheap set that's rated for 30,000 miles, your tires will eventually wear out. Running on worn tires has major risks, from lost traction to potential blowouts. If you have passed the mileage rating for your tires or there's visible wear, it may be time to buy and install a new set.

The age of your tires is important as well. Tires only designed to work effectively for a few years -- after that, you could see diminished performance and safety. Your Volvo technician can check to see if your tires are too old for use.

Sometimes, drivers choose to change tires simply because they're looking for a different experience. Varying tire types like winter tires, summer tires, and all-season tires can all perform differently. Some even choose to change their tires to adapt to the season, switching from a winter set to a summer set when springtime maintenance comes around.

If you're considering changing your tires for a new set, Suburban Volvo Cars can help. We have tire experts on our staff who can help you pick the right set for your vehicle and budget. Plus, our technicians can get the installation done quickly so that you can get back on the road. Give us a call or pay us a visit to learn more.

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