Volvo Offering Complimentary Tow for Life Program

Whether it's due to a dead battery, flat tire, or other potential road hazard, the likelihood is high that you'll eventually need a towing service for your car. While this can be costly for many car owners, towing services just got much more affordable for Volvo owners.

Volvo recently announced an all-new Tow for Life program. Introduced as a partner to the Volvo Car Accident Advisor and Volvo Lifetime Replacement Parts and Labor Warranty programs, this service can send out a tow truck to retrieve your Volvo and take it to the nearest certified Volvo service center for repairs and maintenance.

You may have already gotten complimentary towing services from your new-model or certified pre-owned benefits. Now, it's available to all Volvo owners. All you have to do is contact Volvo On-Call or Volvo Customer Care to request a tow. They'll get your vehicle to a nearby Volvo service center as quickly as possible.

For drivers in the Detroit area, that service center is at Suburban Volvo Cars. Our facility is a great resource for all things related to Volvo repairs and maintenance. If your car is getting towed to Suburban Volvo Cars, you can feel confident knowing that it will be in the hands of certified Volvo technicians.

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