Volvo XC60 Named an Edmunds Best Family Cars Awards 2019 Winner

Volvo knows what it's doing when it comes to designing family-friendly vehicles. The latest evidence came in the form of further praise for the widely popular XC60 crossover.

Each year, Edmunds take a close look at the available family vehicles on the market and selects the top contenders. The Edmunds Family Cars Awards takes into account a wide variety of attributes to determine winners.

This year, the Volvo XC60 was named among the top models for 2019.

Volvo Cars USA CEO Anders Gustafsson chimed in after the award announcement.

“The XC60 is perfect for families,” said Gustafsson. “It’s a perfect combination of size, design, technology and of course safety. You can even get it as a 400-horsepower plug-in hybrid, so you can have fun of a fast car with minimal impact on the environment.”

Much of the model's success comes from its combination of sensible design and impressive engineering. With a batch of engine options to choose from, the XC60 certainly isn't lacking in power and performance. Plus, its well-equipped cabin is a leisurely place for any family to spend time. And naturally, the XC60 has the kind of safety features the drivers look for in a quality family vehicle.

The result is one of the most popular Volvo models ever. According to Volvo itself, the XC60 has sold more than 1 million examples in just over a decade on the market. Through two generations of growth and development, the XC60 has become a benchmark for compact luxury SUVs and family-friendly vehicles of all kinds. Come find yours today at Suburban Volvo Cars.

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