Season Service Recommendations for Winter in Michigan

Winter in Michigan is no cake walk. For several months, drivers from this upper Midwest state must contend with a ream of challenging road conditions. From slick ice to deep snow, we and our cars trudge through it all.

In order to keep up with these challenges, local drivers must stick to important seasonal maintenance. A range of common auto services can give your car the capability and durability to withstand the northern winter elements, and Suburban Volvo Cars can provide them.

If you're struggling to maintain grip in snow and ice, you may need to get a new set of tires. Suburban Volvo Cars can help you pick out a great set of winter or all-season tires that can improve traction in challenging conditions. Winter tires in particular are specially designed to maintain traction in low temperatures.

Worried about getting stranded? Chat with a member of our service team about installing a fresh battery. This can help ensure that your car is ready to drive whenever you need it, keeping you from being stranded in the cold along the way.

It may seem simple, but a good set of wiper blades can make winter driving much easier. After months of use, your current set may be worn out. That can mean trouble next time you encounter sleet or snow. With a fresh set from Suburban Volvo Cars, you'll be ready for anything.

Give us a call today to set up your winter auto maintenance appointment.

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