The Importance of Routine Oil Changes for Your Volvo

You've started bringing your Volvo to Suburban Volvo Cars for your routine maintenance needs. While you've received a wide range of services, one seems to be the most common: the oil change.

Your assessment would be correct. Oil changes are among the most frequent and important services you can get for your vehicle. With regular oil change intervals, your vehicle's engine is likely to run better and longer.

So, what's so important about a Volvo oil change?

Engine oil helps lubricate the hundreds of moving metal parts within an internal combustion engine. Reducing friction, in turn, helps your engine run more coolly and efficiently. However, engine oil doesn't last forever -- it can dirty and lose its effectiveness over time. Dirty, old engine oil can reduce engine efficiency or even (in extreme cases) cause damage.

To help make sure vehicles perform at their best, Volvo has recommended oil change intervals for each of its models. We can help you stay on track with these oil change intervals so you can get more from your vehicle. Each member of our service staff knows how to properly change the oil in different Volvo models.

You can easily plan your next oil change appointment here on our website. Submit an appointment request with your vehicle information and availability -- we'll fit you into a slot that works for you. You can also give us a call on the phone to schedule an appointment.

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