You Can Find Safe, Reliable Winter Driving in a New Volvo Cars and SUVs

Winter weather looms as Michigan heads toward the new year. If you're concerned about finding a car that can handle ice and snow, look no further than Volvo. These vehicles offer a great many traits that prepared them for challenging cold-weather elements. Plus, they're developed in Sweden, where winter driving is a part of life.

All-Wheel Drive: This feature is a boon to anyone traveling through less-than-ideal conditions. All-wheel drive allows power delivery to vary among all four wheels. As grip diminishes at one wheel, more power can be diverted to improve traction. It's a great solution to help drivers managing blustery Michigan winter conditions. All-wheel drive is standard on all Volvo wagon models and available for all sedans and SUVs.

Drive-Mode Settings: With available drive mode settings, you can adjust your Volvo's performance parameters to compensate for wintery conditions. These modes change settings for the engine, transmission, and suspension.

Active Safety: There's a lot to think about on the road when winter weather conditions are about. Active safety systems from Volvo make it easier to focus on driving by keeping an eye on the road around you. Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping Aid, and more can help you stay aware of your surroundings while you navigate snow and ice.

Interior Comfort: When it comes to winter driving, Volvo goes beyond just safety and performance. Each model comes equipped to keep you comfortable through the elements with features like a heated steering wheel, four-zone climate control, and more.

Still need convincing? Come drive one for yourself here at Suburban Volvo Cars. We can help you pick a new Volvo that gives you confidence on the road through the winter months.

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