Certified Volvo Technicians in Troy, MI

If your Volvo is in need of a little bit of love, our service team is here to make sure it can be taken care of. Suburban Volvo in Troy, MI has a fully functioning service center that is specialized to take care of Volvo models. Whether you are looking for a routine maintenance appointment or an in-depth job, our team can do the job without any issue. With the most recent certification and that most advanced tools, the technicians here can bring you vehicle as close to production-quality as it can be.

The secret to longevity for a vehicle is routine maintenance appointments. Getting the oil changed, tires rotated, brakes inspected, and other similar tasks done will ensure your engine and other vital components don’t breakdown and won't show significant wear during the course of use. We want to see your vehicle on the road, running the best that it can, for a long time to come, helping it to live longer than the average mileage of the other vehicles on the road.

We encourage you to come and visit us soon so that we can get started with keeping your vehicle in its best condition. There is a reason you chose this vehicle, whether it was the performance, the comfort or the look, and our team will do everything they can to keep it as close to that condition as we can. Our service team is ready to take care of your vehicle, all you need to do now is make an appointment!

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